The South Carolina World Trade Institute is the educational arm of the South Carolina World Trade Center. Its vision is to be recognized as the premiere institute in South Carolina for international trade education in the fields of importing, exporting and supply chain disciplines. The mission of the SCWTI is to provide world-class education to South Carolina companies and individuals in these areas and to promote entrepreneurial development and awareness via innovative training programs with the goal of increasing job opportunities and prosperity for the citizens of South Carolina.

The courses of the SCWTI are available through many of the Technical Colleges in the state as well as customized training for individual companies tailored to meet their needs and improve performance. Beginning in January of 2004, a new course “Introduction to World Trade” will be available through Miller Motte Technical College in Charleston, with follow up courses in freight forwarding and warehousing & distribution currently under design. The SCWTI values its partnerships with the Technical College system in South Carolina and with private colleges such as Miller Motte. These relationships demonstrate how education and commerce can work together for the increased prosperity of our citizens.

According to Steve Ward, a 33 year veteran of international trade with Cargill, Incorporated, and currently a Director of the SCWTC and Honorary Trade Representative of The Republic of Singapore, “the SCWTI is uniquely positioned to help South Carolina companies, small businesses and individual entrepreneurs regain the trading expertise and global prominence that were at our roots in the 17th and 18th centuries and made us the most prosperous of colonies. In this regard, we are completely aligned with the commitment of Governor Sanford and Secretary of Commerce Faith to revitalizing international trade and entreprenuerialism in our State.”


globalMARKETS is our new Career Pathways curriculum in international trade for high school juniors and seniors. The primary purpose of this course is to raise student and educator awareness of international trade career opportunities, demonstrate a direct linkage between education, globalization, and jobs and develop a partnership among the schools and the global business community in our state.



Our on-site training seminars bring group training to your location, eliminating the many distractions and expenses associated with public seminars. The focused training given by our expert instructors, along with our custom prepared student manuals, ensures that your staff will receive maximum benefit from their learning experience. It's an unmatched learning environment, guaranteed to improve departmental performance.


Our certificate program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to build a participant's confidence in all phases of international trade. Our instructors and international business practitioners bring expertise and knowledge to the courses. Participants will also benefit from collaborating and networking with each other.

The program consists of three seminars that focus on best practices and practical skills in trade, logistics and entrepreneurship. The Seminars are Introduction to World Trade, Import South Carolina and Export South Carolina.


This four hour seminar has been designed to form a sound foundation and understanding of all the factors affecting the global marketplace. It is an excellent exporting and importing skills building seminar for the new entrant to international business and trade. All of the major concepts and terminology of international trade will be addressed.


In this four hour seminar, the participant will learn how to purchase a product from a foreign country, and how to transport it successfully into the United States. This seminar will focus on the elements of the import process and general requirements for importing goods into the U.S. Topics include sourcing suppliers, generating contracts for purchase and understanding U.S. customs. Upon successful completion of this seminar, participants will have the opportunity to develop a project in conjunction with the South Carolina World Trade Center.


In this four hour seminar, the participant will learn the techniques necessary to successfully sell a product or service overseas. All the major export functions are explained with a focus on marketing, culture and negotiations. Topics included are: creating your export plan, marketing your product or service abroad, export documentation and export financing. Upon successful completion of this seminar, participants will have the opportunity to develop a project in conjunction with the South Carolina World Trade Center.

Steve Ward is currently the Director of the World Trade Institute. In addition, he serves as the Honorary Trade Representative for the Republic of Singapore. Steve is 33 year veteran of international trade with Cargill Incorporated.