The World Trade Centers Association is an organization of 289 World Trade Centers in 90 countries, connected to expand your global business.

Over the past 25 years our Palmetto State has done a wonderful job of recruiting international investment into South Carolina. This infusion of new capital and new mindsets has helped South Carolina in shedding the isolation of our last 100 years. Prior to the Civil War, South Carolina was connected around the world through trade and the exchange of ideas. After the Civil War we turned inward and isolated ourselves from the world. Today our challenge is to open up all parts of South Carolina to global markets.

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Growth will occur by rekindling the entrepreneurial spirit of the traders that founded our colony (minus one component). Wealth is created when entrepreneurs risk capital while providing goods or services. The core mission of the South Carolina World Trade Center (SCWTC) is to assist entrepreneurs in import and/or export. We are confident that by building South Carolina’s trading community we can increase incomes and expand the horizon of opportunities for South Carolina companies of any size.

Several exciting initiatives are underway that will exponentially increase our ability to assist in building South Carolina’s trading community. One is the construction of our state’s first World Trade Center office complex attached to the Charleston Area Convention Center. This will be a haven for entrepreneurship for all of South Carolina. Another is the growth of our World Trade Institute’s high school program called Global Markets. This program is designed to foster global entrepreneurship by exposing the many opportunities today in international trade. This program will be linked to credit courses within South Carolina technical schools. Ultimately this program will have graduates that become world traders. The World Trade Institute will also continue to provide South Carolina companies with customized training and continuing education throughout our state.

Another area of growth for the South Carolina World Trade Center is trade development. One of the biggest untapped resources for S.C. companies is the network of other World Trade Centers. Our trade development and education areas will be working closely with agricultural processors to export S.C. food products through a South Carolina Department of Agriculture/ USDA-Foreign Agricultural Service program called Export Readiness Training. This partnership is a welcome addition to our partnerships with the South Carolina Department of Commerce and United States Department of Commerce.

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Our World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) is another partner resource for South Carolina because it is an association of 289 World Trade Centers in 90 countries connected to increase international trade. On the cover of this magazine there are pictures of five of our 289 World Trade Centers. At each World Trade Center, we made a direct connection for a South Carolina company that helped pave the way for success.



World Trade Center Sao Paulo held the World Trade Centers Association’s 30th General Assembly. The SCWTC brought a delegation of 12 South Carolinians to these global meetings with 423 delegates from 46 countries. Among our delegation was Fred Yelenik of Monarch Homes in Beaufort. In addition to building homes, Fred has launched a trading company supplying high quality Brazilian doors to the building market. Fred has located his trading company near the Port of Charleston and has plans for exciting growth in the future.


Atlantic Canada World Trade Center in Halifax, Nova Scotia held the World Trade Centers Association’s 31st General Assembly and again the SCWTC had a 12 person delegation. From that meeting Lonzell Graham, President of Research Technologies, made outstanding sales leads and long range contacts with traders from South Africa, Nigeria and Canada. “South Carolina entrepreneurs need World Trade Centers to make these global contacts. I’m most impressed by the great people I met from all over the world. The World Trade Centers is a great resource for South Carolina,” said Mr. Graham.


Mayflower President, William Quinby is a trader of frozen fish and chicken and with the help of the South Carolina World Trade Center, Mayflower has been able to grow his export trading company. Most recently has been working with the World Trade Center Havana and focused on the opportunities to sell food products to Cuba. So far, Mayflower has been very successful and has recently been shipping up to three containers per week of frozen chicken into Cuba. Cuba is a new opportunity for U.S. companies since the sale of food and medicine to Cuba is now legal.


Mary Beth Singleton’s Santa’s Closet, based in Cayce, S.C., recently expanded their retail operation to become another of South Carolina’s trading companies. Like so many, Mary Beth Singleton had been buying her Christmas trees and ornamental products from an import trading company based out of New York state. When the company in China could not deliver her merchandise, Ms. Singleton contacted the SCWTC and we put her in contact with the supplier of the products. The SCWTC also reduced her concerns about the potential problems with training. “We are currently importing Christmas trees, greenery, etc. from the Special Economic Zone of Shenzhen, China. Our goals extended into larger importing of current goods, moving into other Christmas related areas such as ornamental goods and possibly moving into outdoor furniture.


“I always wanted to be in the import/export business,” says Prandi, a native of France. “I always liked interior decoration and beautiful things. So I looked for something that would include both.” He stayed in touch with several contacts in the import/export business while he worked at Supercuts, and his vision finally materialized after meeting someone who was importing from Asia and contacting the SCWTC. He debated how to move into the import/export business. “The original idea was to limit myself strictly to wholesale,” he says. “But then when the Towne Center [in Mount Pleasant] opened, I thought a retail outlet would be good also.” His store, Ocean & Earth, has been at the Towne Center for three years, and he has also opened a smaller store downtown near the Aquarium that is geared more toward gifts and souvenirs. Yet the entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop there. Last year he began a corporation in France and four months ago he started one in England to distribute a product called the One Minute Manicure. His company has obtained the distributorship for all of Europe, and will export out of the Port of Charleston.More Business success stories see Bizcoach

The goal of the SCWTC is to add a tool to South Carolina’s economic development team. Our efforts are designed to support global entrepreneurs. Most of our efforts are with small companies because we are confident that we offer an important component to growing our own companies. The SCWTC offers trade education and trade development coupled with our worldwide family of World Trade Centers. Our vision is that the expansion of small trading companies will create a new era of wealth creation for South Carolina. South Carolina will be a haven for entrepreneurs.