Over the past 25 years our Palmetto State has done a wonderful job of recruiting international investment into South Carolina. This infusion of new capital and new mindsets has helped South Carolina in shedding the isolation of our last 100 years. Prior to the Civil War, South Carolina was connected around the world through trade and the exchange of ideas. After the Civil War we turned inward and isolated ourselves from the world. Today our challenge is to open up all parts of South Carolina to global markets.

Everyone knows that they only way to achieve growth is through proper investment. This works on many levels, from individuals to companies to cities and nations. Individuals need cash and money to grow, they can do this by freeing up money with loans from companies like wonga. Customized payroll services keeps your business running well and employees happy. Cities need the same thing.  It's only when people and companies invest in the cities infrastructure and business that they can take off and grow. Many Businesses not only have the money but also would like to show that they do in a professional manner.

Reinvestment is also the key to success. People raising capital on their properties with   retirement equity release  can create additional work for the trading community. Such involvement with tradesmen results in each & everyone benefitting from these financial transactions.

Growth will occur by rekindling the entrepreneurial spirit of the traders that founded our colony (minus one component). Wealth is created when entrepreneurs risk capital while providing goods or services. The core mission of the Trading Community is to assist entrepreneurs in import and/or export. We are confident that by building South Carolina’s trading community we can increase incomes and expand the horizon of opportunities for South Carolina companies of any size.

For the U.S. worker to survive this revolution, we must also embrace the new technologies available and the Internet and understand that international trade can make our lives better. This is not an easy thing to do but it is necessary because we are not going back to the way we did things in the 50s! Workers will have to retrain in various ways, whether that means physically going through continuing education courses at work or in classrooms or learning new techniques in a virtual classroom online. We will have to be more flexible in our work environment, taking on a greater variety of tasks in the modern workplace. The worker will have to be more mobile, willing to move from one area of the country to another or maybe even between countries! Talk about scary but this is also an opportunity for wealth creation and adventure.

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From a personal perspective, I can attest to the changes in life this revolution is bringing. My wife is a computer scientist, who is constantly forced to learn new things. A course she taught three years ago may have little if any resemblance to a course with the precise same title taught today. Our seven-year- old son is already adept and using the computer and is becoming adept at “surfing the net.” Talking with someone in Japan by email is no different to him than talking to a neighbor across the street! Our three-year-old daughter is already playing games on the computer and learning something about the Internet. Who knows what the world will be like when our five-month twin girls start school, much less grow up! As for me, my wife claims I am a gadget geek and I have yet to find someone to disagree with her, but trying to keep up to do economic forecasts is no easy chore. The Internet has made my work somewhat easier. I have a wealth of information at my fingertips that I can easily search; of course, there is also a lot of nonsense out on the World Wide Web too, another facet of this economic revolution that we have to put up with.